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Chinese Media Ambassadors Accomplished Program 2015


Seven journalists from China participated this year’s Media Ambassadors Program in Germany.  During the three-month stay from August 1 to October 29, they successfully accomplished all modules of the program that are consisted of carefully designed courses, media visits, excursions, job shadowing and project research.

The courses organized by the International Media Center at the HAW Hamburg provided the Chinese journalists a broad range of topics that are essential for them to understand the German media and the German society at large. Well-known experts and media practitioners were invited to give them exclusive seminars and workshops on topics including media landscapes in Germany, China coverage in German media, journalism in Germany in the digital age, as well as media report on migrants and refugees, to name but a few.

Complementary to the courses, the Chinese journalists had the chance to visit various formats of German media in different regions and to engage directly with media practitioners on up-to-date issues. At Die Zeit, they had a long and fruitful discussion with its longtime publisher Dr. Theo Sommer on varied topics ranging from Chinese politics to journalistic education in Germany, from wars in the Middle East to current refugee crises in Europe. Chinese media ambassadors also visited SpiegelOnline and, the two leading online news media in Germany, and discussed with not only chief editors but also young colleagues about their different strategies in doing online journalism. They were also guided personally by one of the founders of the biggest cooperative newspaper in Germany Taz through the house and listened to the very unique history and role of this newspaper in German society. In Stuttgart, the Chinese journalists did not only get to know how this regional newspaper copes with challenges in digital age but also were asked to share their experience in China.

In addition, the Chinese media ambassadors had the chance to interact with people from different fields including politicians, entrepreneurs, charity managers, social workers, and public servants. For example, they have met with three senates of the Hamburg city and discussed policies and measures towards prevailing issues including digital media development, refugee crises and Summer Olympic Games 2024 in Hamburg. They also visited the headquarter of Putzmeister which is the largest company in concrete pump in the world. In a elaborate discussion with its founder, Mr. Karl Schlecht openly shared with the Chinese guests his experience as a successful entrepreneur and passionate philanthropist. As a very rare but precious experience, the Chinese media ambassadors also visited different refugee centers and conducted interviews with refugees and volunteers.  

As media ambassadors, the Chinese journalists were also given the very unique chance to do weeks of job shadowing in renowned German media like die Zeit, SpiegelOnline, Taz, Gala, Stuttergar NDR. During the job shadowing, they were able to work side by side with their German colleagues. They were allowed to participate in regular editorial meetings, to engage in daily editorial works, and to write stories for their host media or home media.  Here are a few selected articles:

Xiang Gu: Visits to Refugee Camps: A newborn Girl named Merkel (in Chinese)

Shanshan Miao: Take a ride to Bremen (in Chinese)

Min Yang: Studenten Austausch: "Lustig!" – "Fleißig!" (in German)

Minji Yao: Chinesin auf dem Oktoberfest: Ein Zelt aus einer anderen Welt (in German)

Jin Zhu: My German Autumn Fairy Tale (in Chinese)


Chinese Media Ambassadors Meeting Dr. Theo Sommer at Die Zeit
Long and Fruitful Discussion with Dr. Theo Sommer at Die Zeit 

Chinese Media Ambassadors Meeting Hamburg Senatrat Wolfang Schmidt in Hamburg Representative Office in Berlin
Meeting Hamburg Senate Chancellery Wolfgang Schmidt in Hamburg Representative Office Berlin

Visited Putzmeister and met its Founder Karl Schlecht
Visited Putzmeister and Discussed Openly with its Founder Karl Schlecht

Visited Robert Bosch Foundation in Stuttgart
Visited Robert Bosch Foundation in Stuttgart
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