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Luca Pacioli Award for Wang Hui


The conductors of the Medienbotschafter-Program are proud to announce that Wang Hui was honored with the Luca Pacioli Award in Venice. The Luca Pacioli Award is awarded every year to outstanding international intellectuals who rendered exceptional achievements in the fields of knowledge and interdisciplinary research. For many years Wang Hui dealt with the Western and Chinese philosophy, culture and literature. He is a leading member of China’s “New Left” movement and a past editor of Dushu, one of China’s most influential literary journals. Currently Wang Hui is Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at Tsinghua University, additionally he is a guest lecturer at various renowned universities such as Harvard and the University of Washington. As an instructor for the Medienbotschafter-Program Wang Hui teaches the German fellows in China’s recent history.

For the first time the Luca Pacioli Award was not received by an Italian intellectual. Jointly with the Chinese savant Wang Hui the German philosopher and sociologist Jürgen Habermas was awarded. Habermas is one of the world’s most cited thinkers in Philosophy and Sociology of the present.

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