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    • Learning Intercultural Understanding
    • 08.10.2013
    • Our eight German “Medienbotschafter “ in 2013 are: Florian Arnold from the Braunschweiger Zeitung, Fabian Kretschmer from the Austrian newspaper Der Standard, multimedia artist Jessica Broscheit, online editor Moira Lenz as well as the freelance journalists Alexander Stirn, David Weyand, Katharina ...

    • Meeting with Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz
    • 08.07.2013
    • Olaf Scholz, mayor of Hamburg since March 2011, invited the eight fellows of the Medienbotschafter program into town hall for a lively question and answer session. The talk started off with the fellow’s questions about life and politics in Hamburg. Scholz described Hamburg as a “liberal, social ...

    • Medienbotschafter at the Global Media Forum
    • 24.06.2013
    • “Freedom of press and freedom of speech are twins – these two belong inseparably together.” With these words the German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle emphasized the importance of free media. His keynote was one of the highlights at the sixth Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum in Bonn. ...

    • New ambassadors for new challenges
    • 04.06.2013
    • The Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with the International Media Center Hamburg is proud to welcome eight Chinese media ambassadors in Hamburg. For the next three months they will experience life and work in Germany, furthermore the Chinese journalists will promote quality reporting on intercultural subjects. ...

    • Insights from the German ambassador to China
    • 28.03.2013
    • Since August 2007 Dr. Michael Schaefer is the German ambassador in China. Under his leadership a number of major projects between Germany and China have emerged, including the three-year event series "Germany and China - Moving Ahead Together" or the exhibition "The Art of the Enlightenment" in Beijing. During ...

    • End of applications for 2013
    • 16.03.2013
    • On March 15 the official application time for the program “Media Ambassadors China – Germany" 2013 ended. The conductors of the program are proud to announce that they received numerous applications of highly qualified journalists from both countries. The eight Chinese fellows have already been ...

    • Xu Tianran: "An invaluable and interesting experience"
    • 25.02.2013
    • Thanks to the support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung I was able to once again visit Germany, this time as a member of the “Media Ambassadors China – Germany” program. My three-month-stay in Germany was largely composed of lectures given by German scholars and media researchers, workshops and ...

    • Yang Xiao: Exploring Berlin and Prague
    • 17.02.2013
    • Dragging the suitcases, we came out of the ochre, wall-chipping subway station (there is no elevator) and saw a not so wide socialist style street. Old apartments without face stand beside the street. They are obviously the legacies of planned-economy eras. Also sit beside the street are some strange big ...

    • Chinese applicants: Tendering is closed
    • 16.01.2013
    • The program “Media Ambassadors China – Germany" 2013 is advancing to the next level. The tendering for Chinese journalists is closed and the applications will be evaluated by the Robert Bosch Stiftung in cooperation with the International Media Center Hamburg. In early February a selection of ...

    • Tian Ying: "We have to surmount more obstacles"
    • 10.01.2013
    • The three months of lectures, high-end visits and journalistic practices have not only deepened my understanding about Germany and enriched my experiences as being a foreign correspondent, but also lent me a greater sense of responsibility to be a media ambassador between China and Germany. During the three ...

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