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How to apply for the Tandem Program

If you are an alumna or alumnus of the program "Media Ambassadors China – Germany" you are eligible to apply for the Tandem fellowship. In order to apply, please send program director Haifen Nan your application as PDF. Please make sure that your application meets the following requirements:

Application deadline

November 30, 2016 

Application format
Please send your application in ONE PDF document as attachment to program director Haifen Nan via e-mail

Required information
- CV and contact details of both German and Chinese applicants (at least one applicant has to be an alumna or alumnus of the program)
- Concrete research plan (please outline how the applicants will work together)
- Budget plan 
- Letter of intent by the media outlets that will publish your project outcome (articles, TV/radio/multimedia feature, book etc.) 

Application process
The program's selection committee will review the applications and inform the applicants about the result by December 7th, 2016. 

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Learn from the best
Media companies host Medienbotschafter fellows for in-house training in China's and Germany's best newsrooms.
Media Networks
Medienbotschafter fellows gain insights from the CEOs, publishers and key journalists at media networks in Germany and China.
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Our alumni network, the Deutsch-Chinesisches Mediennetzwerk, strengthens the relations between journalists in Germany and China.
Read interesting reports by our Chinese and German fellows as well as the latest news about the Medienbotschafter-Program.
Tandem Fellowships
In addition to the three-month stay we provide research fellowships for alumni and their counterparts in Germany and China.
Since 2008 over 128 journalists from the leading media companies in China and Germany became media ambassadors.
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