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Fellows 2016

    • Heqian Xu

      Reporter, Caixin Media

      “I am particularly interested in German society' s reflection and reevaluation of the reunification, especially how the collective memories are written, how do German media, politicians and intellectuals deal with the changing flow of public discourse of the reunification?”

      Heqian Xu is a senior reporter and editor for public policy at Caixin Media. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in history from the National Taiwan University and a Master’s degree in Contemporary history from the University of Edinburgh. Caixin Media is a media group dedicated to provide business and financial news with a profound understanding of China's economic and social transition.

    • Iris Völlnagel

      Reporter, Central German Broadcasting (MDR)

      "China currently is undergoing a tremendous transformation. I would like to get a better understanding of the people, their cultures, understand China’s role in the world."

      Iris Voellnagel is working as a news reporter for the public broadcasting network ARD und MDR. She is mainly covering topics from the eastern part of Germany.

    • Jinbing Lin

      Reporter, Caixin Media

      "While bilateral trade and investment between China and Germany are very strong, disputes occur along the way. I'm interested in trade disputes and intellectual property protection during the process. Also, I’d like to have a closer look at the debate over China’s market economy status in the EU."


      Jinbing Lin works as a business and financial journalist for Caixin Media, mainly covering mergers and acquisitions, as well as financial markets. Caixin Media is a media group dedicated to provide business and financial news with a profound understanding of China's economic and social transition.

    • Josip Pejic

      Freelance Journalist

      “China is in the midst of a digital transformation. More and more Chinese use the internet and the number of active smart devices is constantly growing. Communication is increasingly shifting to social networks. Given the ever-increasing digitalization, I want to explore the impact of this digital transformation on the daily life of Chinese netizens.”

      Josip Pejić is a political scientist from Hamburg and worked as a freelance journalist for various magazines and online media, like the German broadcasting corporation Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and "Zenith", a magazine about the muslim world. Currently he is completing a second master's degree in the field of digital media and writes for the online-journal, covering various issues related to politics in the digital age.

    • Julia Stolzenberg

      Journalist, ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

      “In the 21st century, China’s television industry is positioned in between traditions, government regulations and an increased opening towards the West. I’m interested in exploring the balancing act of implementing Western TV formats such as “The Voice” into the Chinese market, examining their impact on viewers and on the traditional media landscape in China.”


      Julia Stolzenberg is a television journalist from Munich. She has studied Media & Cultural Studies in Düsseldorf and has received her Master degree from the University of Sydney (Australia) in Journalism. Having lived in the U.S. and Thailand, Julia now works in the factual programming area of ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE, one of Europe’s largest independent media corporations.

    • Laurence Thio

      Reporter, Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting

      "I want to gain a deeper understanding of the tremendous, rapid change China is undergoing. As a reporter, I want to share stories about people, which illustrate the transformation in Chinese economy, politics and society."


      Laurence Thio is a freelance TV reporter at "Abendschau"- the most watched news dispatch by Berlin-Brandenburg Broadcasting (rbb). Previously Laurence worked as a journalist for ZEIT Online, Spiegel Online, dpa and Inforadio (rbb). He studied Political Science at Freie Universität Berlin and went to journalism school in Potsdam. As a journalist he focuses on politics, digital economy, science and society.”

    • Lu Yin

      Reporter, Global Times (English)

      “I am particularly interested in female empowerment and the dynamics of the LGBT community in Germany. I look forward to gaining insights into modern Germany’s cultural, economic, and social landscape as well as its media system.”


      Lu Yin is a journalist at the English edition of the Global Times, reporting on a wide range of topics including modern lifestyles, international exchanges, LGBT rights, female empowerment and the local expat community. The Global Time English edition, launched in 2009, presents its readers with hard-hitting facts, controversial angles and daring arguments.

    • Natalie Mayroth

      Freelance Journalist

      “I´m interested in the Chinese influence on cultural expressions. How beauty is defined in an uprising globalized society – between artistic approach and contemporary art. I want to know about the people, their spaces, practices and how they developed different techniques within new media."
      Natalie Mayroth graduated from Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich with a Master in Cultural Studies in 2014. She works as a freelance journalist and photographer for taz. die tageszeitung and different Online-Media like Bento/Spiegel Online or Vice Media. She focuses on art, media, music, women and social issues. 


    • Sijie Ni

      Reporter, China Science Daily

      “I’m interested in the role of German media in the popularization of science, experience of Germany’s science research management, and German efforts to promote Industry 4.0.”


      Sijie Ni is a reporter with China Science Daily, covering mainly breaking news in the field of science, especially those in physics and astronomy. Founded in 1959, China Science Daily was originally created as the official news bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first science and technology newspaper in China.

    • Sonja Peteranderl

      Freelance Journalist (WIRED Germany)

      “China has the largest Internet population worldwide, is one of the booming high-tech industries in the world and an important political power. As a reporter interested in foreign politics and digital processes, I want to explore China’s cyber strategy and the Chinese innovation infrastructure during my stay. “

      Sonja Peteranderl is an editor at WIRED Germany magazine and Co-Founder of BuzzingCities Lab, a think tank focusing on security and digitalization in megacity slums like Brazilian Favelas or South African townships. Previously she worked as a freelance correspondent for Spiegel Online, Zeit Online and Impulse Magazine in various countries. She reports on politics, international High-Tech trends and crime.

    • Stefan Brand

      Journalist, WDR / neuneinhalb

      “I am particularly interested in the environmental and economic challenges that China is facing.  Furthermore, I am excited to learn about how China deals with tradition, modern technology and associated societal problems.“

      Stefan Brand is a trained TV and multimedia journalist. He has now worked over five years for the educational ARD children’s TV show neuneinhalb (8:30). As a TV-Editor he focuses on politics, environment, society and sports.

    • Yan Jiang

      Chief Reporter, Xinmin Evening News

      "The Germans are known to be precise, and the quality of German products is unmatchable. I am interested in craftsmanship, dual education system, renewable energies and social welfare system in Germany."

      Yan Jiang is a chief reporter at Xinmin Evening News. She focuses on social topics such as changes in China's rural areas, left-behind children, urban and rural pension issues, etc. Xinmin Evening News, founded in 1929, is a newspaper with the longest history in mainland China. The paper has a daily circulation of more than one million, and covers a wide range of topics.

    • Yan Wang

      Reporter, Phoenix Weekly

      “In the age of globalization, Germany, as the most significant country in Europe, is worthy of detailed exploration. I'm interested in German politics and foreign affairs. ”


      Wang Yan is a print journalist in International Report Department of Phoenix Weekly. She mainly focuses on China's foreign affairs, and international relationship.

    • Ye Tian

      Senior Reporter, Hubei Radio & Television Station

      “I am interested in the preciseness of German craftsmanship as well as the humanitarian concerns of German people. I would like to learn more about the social welfare system, traditional culture and non-governmental charitable organizations in Germany .”


      Tian Ye worked as a journalist and anchor at Hubei Radio and Television Station for ten years. He was in charge of feature stories, investigative research and breaking news. In 2015, he participated in a transnational coverage project and conducted 30-day interviews along the new silk road.

    • Zhongyuan Ren

      Freelance Reporter

      "The booming social media has challenged journalistic professionalism in China and the world. I'd like to learn, share and discuss with German journalists on how the media industry adapts to the changing environment."

      Zhongyuan Ren was an investigative journalist of the Southern Weekly, one of the most influential liberal newspapers in China. He started his journalism career at the Caixin Media. Ren is specialized in covering the ongoing legal reformation in China. He also covers human rights issues, criminal cases and breaking news. He holds the National Legal Professional Qualification Certification from the Ministry of Justice of China. 

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